Specials this Month!



Every Saturday (except for the last)! Big Blind Ante! 


Here at The Keene Casino we pride ourselves on customer service and relationship. The atmosphere is always filled with laughter while the action remains juicy. Every Tuesday and Friday night Omaha is a guarantee to run. While N.L Texas Hold 'Em is a sure thing every day. Though we've been around for over a decade the new move into the Colony Mill has been epic. We've been able to spread our wings and soar! Our tournaments are growing and improving monthly with our customer input, management execution and creativity! We've had many new promotions and hires, all with only a heart to please and be the best in the state. With our already great customers and atmosphere there isn't any way you'd be disappointed with your time spent with us! We are incredibly excited with all the new things happening and can't wait to see you at the tables! Good Luck and may your pots be large! And always remember... you gotta know when...            


wednesday, friday,


​Texas hold 'em 

$1/$2 PLO/8 tuesday 4:30pm (always offered)

$1/$2 & $2/$5 N.L

​$2/$5 runs every Monday Night!

SHOCK WAVE!! Every Wednesday! Mystery Bounty for $250!

N.H Hold 'em

$50/$50/$50 Friday's!

$250 High Hand 5:30p-First break.

$250 High Hand 3p-5p CASH!

Dec. 14th $250 Bounty on a mystery player AND HH!

 Free ATHENS PIZZA Monday Nights 5:30p!

Spanish 21

Dec. 30th,  Sunday $250 High Hand first 5 levels! Before first hand tip $10 to dealers & receive 10k added to starting stack!

​Call Us! 603.903.0181

Open seven days a week!


We are often asked how being a casino is legal in N.H. The answer is a percentage of our profits go to a charity of the week. Each week the charity changes, so we are giving all throughout N.H.